Sunday & Soul was founded by Emmy Pugh in Bristol, 2020.


Born from a desire to create original, bright and bold clothing and accessories as a way to challenge grey drizzly days here in the UK.


"As a sufferer of SAD for years, I had always used clothing as a way to lift my mood and attack the foggy head and lack of motivation in the winter. I wanted to bring endless summer vibes to my day to day life. I wanted to ‘BE THE BRIGHTSIDE’. Sometimes in deepest darkest winter, choosing my outfit was the highlight of my day! "


Our style is influenced by surf and skate culture. Growing up in Glastonbury and having always lived in the south west, it's a way of life.


But we’re not a surf or skate brand. We are a lifestyle brand for anyone wanting to Live Colourfully, with little effort, while doing the stuff they love - the stuff that makes their soul sing.


With Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok, we have created a community of over 25,000 wonderful humans that all share the desire to keep SUMMER IN THEIR SOUL - all year round!

With colour comes happiness and with confidence comes soul.

Emmy x