Sunday & Soul has been created by me, Emmy.
Inspired by sunny places and happy faces. Breezy and comfortable weekend wear bringing joy and confidence through bright colours and bold prints.
Challenging grey drizzly days with fearless palette choices to put you, and everyone around you in a really good mood!
We’re all about casual, comfy, colour.  Re-thinking what it means to put on your ‘Sunday Best’ while giving you the happy feels that are good for your soul.
And if you love the colours, but don’t think you can pull them off. Let me tell you a true story. YOU CAN!
Just a little note on our products, sustainability and ethics. 
We are a new brand, and of course the idea that the planet may not need any more clothing being produced right now firmly crossed my mind.

But we all have dreams and this is mine. We take responsibility for the impact this brand has on our environment, our planet and the people working in the supply chain.

Each garment is made from natural fibres, from sustainable plantations. All of the cotton is organic and the polyester is recycled. Every garment is GOTS, OCS Blended and Oeko-Tex certified. The factories meet the most stringent safety criteria, with working conditions in line with the Fair Wear Foundation. This means equality in the workplace, anti bullying policies, anti child labour, safe conditions and higher than minimum wage salaries. The sweatshirts are printed here in the UK using eco friendly water based inks.

The dream is to get to a place where we own the production process from start to finish. This will come. We just need lots of people to buy jumpers first!

If you have any questions on any of this please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address in the footer. 

With colour comes happiness and with confidence comes soul.

Emmy x