Kids Fuchsia & Blue Beanie Hat

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Treat your little one to this unique bright fuschia pink beanie hat, with a blue embroidered peace sign. 

Ideal for ages 5-10, this snuggly hat keeps heads warm and cosy!

Product Details:

  • Colourful pink kids beanie hat
  • Embroidered bluePEACE sign
  • Turn up brim
  • Made of 100% soft-touch acrylic 
  • Perfect for kids aged 5-10
Fully road tested by me, self confessed Beanie Addict for:
✌️Washability - no one wants a stinky beanie.
✌️Anti Brian Harvey Head- circa Walthamstow 1998, these stay put, head hugging but not tight.
✌️Itchiness - is it nits or is it my Beanie? Not this one!
✌️Electric Shock Chic - minimal static, but sadly we can’t take responsibility for hat hair, soz. 
✌️Perfect Colour Combo - side emblem that ensures these hats give you the same happy feels that our jumpers do.

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