Deserve to be Found

Yes, absolutely! I wouldn't have a business without this family of apps. I launched Sunday & Soul two weeks into the first full lockdown, March 2020. I had a 2 week old baby and the world suddenly changed within the space of a few days. We all needed social media more than ever - to keep us connected to support networks, our friends and our colleagues. As humans, social beings, we needed to still feel the connection. Sunday & Soul was born from my desire to create original, bright and bold and inclusive clothing and accessories as a way to challenge grey drizzly days here in the UK. As a sufferer of SAD for years, I had always used clothing as a way to lift my mood and attack the foggy head, low mood, lack of motivation in the winter. I wanted to bring endless summer vibes to my day to day life and I noticed how other people reacted to what I was wearing too. So many people here in the UK suffer with SAD - or general low mood.

With Instagram and Facebook we have created a community - not just a shop. We are open and honest - and our followers are open and honest right back at us. We lift each other up - inspire each other with not just items we are wearing, but activities we are doing. This may look like it's all about clothes - but actually it's all about wellbeing, community and friendship. We have have a closed Facebook Group in addition to our Business Facebook and Instagram pages where over 500 of our customers and followers can come to a safe place to do my job for me!! I realised that not everyone wants to communicate publicly, or post pictures publicly - and this closed group is perfect for making those people feel included and part of a conversation. I use this group - along with the POLL  and ASK A QUESTION features on Instagram to gain incredible real time feedback on designs / colourways. Its not an absolute science, and it can quickly escalate into 'design by committee' - but these insights from customers are incredible (and free!). To complement our organic content - we heavily use paid adverts across the platforms. If we ever turn them off we notice a huge dip in sales. We need the adverts to recruit new members to our Crew. Find people so perfect for our brand - there's just no other way we could find these people so perfect for us! Our customers and followers feel part of something thanks to our social media platforms. Our shop front is beautiful and inspiring place to be. We use reels to both bring our products to life - and also entertain our audience or give them a glimpse behind the scenes which they love! Finally, through Instagram I have found myself in a wonderful small business owners community which had been incredible for my motivation and mental health. Not only that but i also know that by sharing the content we do, we have inspired other Mums to take the leap and start their own small business. Thank you SO much for considering us for the Deserve To Be Found opportunity. Emmy - Founder, Sunday & Soul.